Celebright Lighting

We are proud to be an authorized Celebright dealer! There are so many amazing features available with Celebright soffit lighting. Initially intended for permanent Christmas lighting, the lights are capable of so much more! Whether it's a birthday, St. Patrick's day, Super Bowl Sunday, or pretty much any other event, Celebrioght will not disappoint! And as though that wasn't enough, these lights are also backed by a 5 year warranty!

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Large house Celebright installation
Celebright trim lighting installation and finished
Celebright pot lighting


Celebright invisible during day

Bright at Night, Invisible During The Day!

Celebright lights look so great at night but are almost impossible to see during the day! Although originally being intended as Christmas lights, with the customization of Celebright Lighting, the possibilities are endless!

Celebright fence lighting

Fence Lighting!

This will definitely put your neighbours Holiday Lighting to shame!

Celebright backyard lighting option by pool

More Than Just Soffit Lighting!

Not just for the front of the house! Celebright offers many different track systems so they can be mounted almost anywhere and enjoyed in the backyard too!