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Security Cameras

Security Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on things when are you are away from home.  Not only does a camera system record everything happening in your absence but it also acts as a great deterrent for anyone thinking of committing a crime.  We have partnered with Reolink because they have a great system, that is both reliable and very user friendly.  The best part is, once it is installed, there are no monthly fees!   

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Reolink app

Reolink uses a great app that can be installed on most smartphones and can be viewed/played back from anywhere. Some of their cameras can even be set to notify you, if there is a person/vehicle in your set viewing area.  This is a great feature, as it can be fine tuned to ignore certain areas such as sidewalks, to avoid nuisance alerts!

Reolink camera screenshot
Reolink camera photo

Reolink Cameras

 Reolink cameras also come equipped with audio recording and many of their cameras offer 2-way audio, so you can speak to someone outside of your home! Reolink provides a great quality camera and they can usually be installed without any visible wiring, which makes for a clean installation!

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