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Here are some of our completed projects! Take a look at some previous jobs we have completed.  If you see anything that interests you please don't hesitate to get in touch! We would love to provide you with a free no obligations quote!

LumenTek Contracting Ltd_edited.png

Bathroom Pot Lights

Often times, it is difficult to choose the correct light fixture for your bathroom. For this project, the customer opted for pot lights over the vanity, as it provides adequate lighting and a timeless look.  

master bathroom pot lights

Sunshine Ceiling Replacement -After

This is an after photo of us replacing an outdated and inefficient sunshine ceiling, with a more modern alternative.  A big bonus with going this route, is there is no need for messy drywall repairs!

sunshine ceiling LED - finished

Motion Activated Step Lights

Adding step lights to your interior steps, is a subtle, yet powerful upgrade to your home. Plus they are motion activated, which means they are only on when they are being used!

Motion activated step lights-2.JPG

Under & Over Cabinet Lighting (after cabinets were installed)

This customer wanted under & over cabinet lighting installed but didn't know it was possible because they already had cabinets installed.  Luckily we were able to install the under cabinet lighting without the need for any drywall repair or exposed wiring! 

Under&over cabinet lighting-1_edited.jpg

Mechanic Shop Lighting Upgrade

This Customer was having trouble with his T5 fluorescent light ballasts burning out, In this scenario it ended up being cheaper to replace the tubes with LED ballast bypass T5 tubes. Not only will he never have to worry about ballasts again these lights are also much brighter than he previously had! 

mechanic shop.jpg

Under & Over Cabinet LED Lighting

Kitchens are always a great place to start when planning lighting upgrades. In this kitchen, we installed under cabinet and above cabinet, LED lighting. This provides more functional lighting on the counter, where it is crucial to see what you are doing. 

Under & over cabinet lighting LED

Sunshine Ceiling Replacement -Before

Here is a photo of what the sunshine ceiling looked like before we removed it and replaced it with a more modern option.

sunshine ceiling - original

Dawn to Dusk Controlled Step Lights

Not just great for inside, out-door step lights work great by providing enough light to see safely in the dark without having to turn all the exterior lights on.  We offer many options for controlling these lights, for this installation we went with a photocell which automatically turns them on at dusk and off at dawn.  

outside step lights -2_edited.jpg

Warehouse LED Lighting Upgrade

This customer was frustrated with with his old fixtures because they would take too long to warm up and were constantly needing maintenance, so we switched all of his lighting to LED!  Not only was he happy with how bright the shop was, he was also happy to be saving approximately 600 Watts per light! 

warehouse lighting LED.jpg
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