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Painless Pre-listing Refresh Made Simple!


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Fixture Refresh

We replace outdated fixtures and worn-out switches/plugs with cost-effective solutions. This creates more modern and brighter spaces.

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Pre-listing Electrical checkup

Our Master Electrician will catch and repair

any potential issues before inspection. Most issues can be fixed within minutes.


Delay payment until house is sold

(up to 6 weeks)

We make it easy

We work within your schedule and we are in and out, in one short trip.

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How does this work?

You contact us with an address and schedule a time. We do a walk-though with you and the current home owner, we discuss what work is to be done. Or, we can work within a set budget and we decide what would make the biggest impact. In previous instances we have found that the following make the biggest impact:

  1. Replacing dated builder-grade fixtures with brighter & more modern choices.

  2. Replace burnt out lamps and ballasts as needed.

  3. Replacing old & often stained light switches and covers.

  4. Replacing old & often stained light switches and covers.

  5. Checking the panel, smoke detector dates, GFCI function etc. for potential issues that could cause headaches for the sale at inspection time.

If you have any questions about what we offer please don't hesitate to contact us!

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