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Service Call Add-on Services

Panel Labeling

Labeling your panel is essential, this allows you to quickly turn off the correct circuit in the event of an emergency.  We make sure every circuit is labelled correctly and with printed labels so everyone can read it.  

Service Inspection & Grounding Check

Once a panel is wired most panels have a separate cover that goes over the service conductors and main breaker and unless something goes wrong it never gets removed.  This is done by the manufacturer as a safety feature because that section comes from the street and can't be turned off.  The problem is that nobody ever checks to make sure the connections are tight and corrosion free.  Our qualified staff will open the cover and check to make sure there is no issues inside the service section.  We will also check that the system is properly grounded.  

Smoke Detector Checkup

Every home being built now requires smoke detectors to be installed and in most cases carbon monoxide detectors also.  Most of these devices are only good for 5 years.  They are a quick and easy upgrade and are essential for the safety of anyone living in the home.  They have a date printed on the smoke detector but sometimes they are hard to reach.  Another way to tell is they are made from a special plastic that is designed to yellow as they age, so if yours are turning yellow there's a good chance it needs to be replaced! 

Fixture Glass Cleaning

Fixture glass full of bugs? Hand-prints all over the glass from installation? We will get to your hard to reach light fixtures and clean them! We have the ladders and expertise to safely clean and replace bulbs in those hard to reach fixtures!

Panel Balancing

A balanced panel is crucial to the health of your electrical system.  This should be done at the time the home was wired but rarely gets done correctly. After the home is built circuits get added and moved around  usually during  renovations or to add a circuit for something like a hot tub.  A properly balanced panel ensures no section or leg of a panel is being overloaded.  

Wire connections

The panel is the heart of your electrical system and it is very important to have all connections properly tightened and corrosion free.  Both of these issues can result in poor connections that can damage equipment plugged into the wall and create unwanted heat in the panel.  We check all connections and make sure everything is tight, and no corrosion on connections.  

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