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Additional Service Information

Here is some more detailed services we offer, please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like a free quote!

Motion activated step lights-2.JPG
Motion step lights.JPG

Motion Activated Step Lighting

These are a great option for when your hands are full and you can't reach a light switch.  They are also very energy efficient and turn otherwise un-noticed stairs into a feature of your home!  Installation is easiest when underside of stairs is unfinished, They can still be installed afterwards but it is a bit more difficult. 

T.V. Wallmount

Get rid of those ugly cables! Wall mount your TV and say goodbye to hanging power cables, HDMI etc.  This also has the added benefit of being out of reach of pets and children which removes the risk of the TV falling over if bumped.  This is done easiest when there is a receptacle below. If there isn't it can still be done, just requires a bit more work.

Living room TV Wall mount_edited.jpg
Bedroom TV wallmount.JPG

Cabinet lighting

This is great for adding a bit of additional lighting to where it is needed most.  Typically when you are prepping food you are leaning over the counter and blocking light from the ceiling behind you, with under cabinet lights this is not the case! They are also great accent lighting because they are very energy efficient. These can be installed either as part of a kitchen renovation or in an existing kitchen! 

Under & over cabinet lighting LED.JPG
master bathroom pot lights_edited.jpg

Pot Lights

Pot lights are often a great choice to upgrade any room, they never go out of style, they provide great light, and they increase resale value!  Best of all most of the time they can be added without having to repair any drywall! They come in many different sizes and for most residential applications we recommend 4". 

pot lights.jpg
hallway fixture replacement_edited.jpg

Fixture Replacement

This is one of the most cost effective ways of upgrading your home.  Many lights were installed when the home was built and they simply put in the cheapest light available. Depending on the complexity of the new fixture a light can normally be replaced in about 20 - 30 minutes.  Making a big impact to the look and function of a room! 

bedroom fixture upgrade_edited.jpg
Smoke detector - new_edited_edited.png

New Smoke/ C02 Detector

smoke detector - old _edited.jpg

Old Smoke Detector

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home being built now requires smoke detectors to be installed and in most cases carbon monoxide detectors also.  Most of these devices are only good for 5 years.  They are a quick and easy upgrade and are essential for the safety of anyone living in the home.  They have a date printed on the smoke detector but sometimes they are hard to reach.  Another way to tell is they are made from a special plastic that is designed to yellow as they age, so if yours are turning yellow there's a good chance it needs to be replaced! 


Receptacle and Switch Replacement


Replacing old receptacles and switches is a great way to refresh a room! Additionally, old and worn out receptacles are a safety hazard as they don't hold the cord end properly anymore resulting in a loose connection that will generate heat! Thankfully replacing receptacles is a quick, mess free and easy task. 

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